tours_Banana Bungalow Hollywood Hostel in Los Angeles, California, USA Los Angeles City Tour
Thrill packed 5 hour tour of the Entertainment Capital of the World! Sample the rich history, diverse culture, sun-drenched beaches and pulsating movie tempos of Los Angeles. You will see: The "Hollywood Sign" up close, the "Walk of Fame", Melrose Avenue, Sunset Strip, the "George Michael Toilet", Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, the former "Baywatch Beach", Venice Beach, Downtown, Gang Lands, over 30 "Star Homes", and much much more! Learn interesting secrets and facts of Hollywood, with a "movie star on every corner," and surprises galore awaiting you, the vast experience known as the City of Angels.
Universal Studio
Universal Studios Hollywood's world-renowned Studio Tour has been reinvented for the 21st Century. The new tour will take you on a one-of-a-kind journey through the world's largest working studio where you'll see the past, present and future of Hollywood come alive. Exciting movie making demonstrations, breathtaking special effects, plus a world class amusement park with amazing attractions, shows and the huge Citywalk featuring the Hard Rock Café.
tours_Banana Bungalow Hollywood Hostel in Los Angeles, California, USA
tours_Banana Bungalow Hollywood Hostel in Los Angeles, California, USA Disneyland
"The Happiest Place on Earth" is an enchanted kingdom of fantasy and imagination filled with classic family-friendly attractions and magical entertainment, dining and shopping. Blast off to outer space, venture up jungle rivers, encounter ghosts, pirates and flying elephants, and find yourself laughing, flying, spinning and splashing through attractions whose memories will never fade. Enjoy timeless tales and bold adventures in over 60 magical attractions and funtastic entertainment. Known as "The Happiest Place on Earth" Walt Disney said "I don't want the public to see the world they live in while they're in Disneyland. I want them to feel they're in another world."
Magic Mountain
Attention Thrill-Seekers Worldwide! SIX FLAGS MAGIC MOUNTAIN...THE XTREME PARK has the largest collection of XTREME roller coasters on the Planet! And now with the addition of Scream! We'll shatter our own Guinness Book world record status for most coasters! Enjoy the tallest and fastest stand-up roller coaster in the world -- Riddlers Revenge! and the highest roller coaster -- Superman The Escape! Six Flags Magic Mountain has all the thrills! Visit the new Bugs Bunny World with nine new rides and attractions plus a 6000 square foot Fun Factory. Speed head-over-heels on Batman...The Ride. ROLLERCOASTERS! Its all here at Six Flags Magic Mountain.
tours_Banana Bungalow Hollywood Hostel in Los Angeles, California, USA
tours_Banana Bungalow Hollywood Hostel in Los Angeles, California, USA Venice Beach
Venice Beach is unlike any place on Earth. Well known for its artists, street performers and funky atmosphere. It’s a virtual carnival running year round with free admission. The best place in LA to people watch, join us for a tour through the many bizarre and interesting scenes that make Venice truly unique. muscle men and women pumping iron, roller skaters with guitars and plenty of souvenir shops and food.
Getty Museum
The J. Paul Getty Museum houses Greek and Roman antiquities, pre-twentieth century European paintings, drawings and sculptures. Located in the breathtaking hills of West Los Angele, truly a museum you will not want to miss on your visit to L.A.
tours_Banana Bungalow Hollywood Hostel in Los Angeles, California, USA
tours_Banana Bungalow Hollywood Hostel in Los Angeles, California, USA

Shopping Trips
Melrose Avenue, Hollywood Boulevard, Rodeo Drive, Farmer’s Market and the Grove, Brand Name Outlets, Flea Market, Thrift Shops, Venice Beach and much more all featuring world famous shops.


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DISNEYLAND TOUR : 2-way Shuttle



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Getty Museum : Public Transportation and Free Entrance

LACMA and MOCHA Museums: Public Transportation and Free Entrance











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10:00am — 3:30pm

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Brand Name Outlet Shopping Tour : Shuttle

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