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The BANANA BUNGALOWS deliver 4 main things when you visit them: Great people to meet... a great place to stay... great experiences... and all at a great price. That's why they are the most popular hostels in LA!

At the BANANA BUNGALOW Hollywood we provide awesome rooms and dorms with many conveniences so you will definitely be comfortable. Our staff is cool and friendly, they will hook you up with Hollywood and LA. In the morning you can enjoy a free breakfast in our Tiki Garden, meet up with other travelers and plan your day. We offer many daytime activities or you can venture out and explore the city. Then in the evening we have nightly gatherings where you can meet and greet new people, plan your night and then head out into the coolest party city in California. We also offer many night time activities or you can hit the town with your new international friends.

Our hip rooms have important amenities that other hostels just don’t have. Dorms have kitchens and cable TV right in the rooms, also they have lockers and private baths. The private rooms have a "retro funky cool" design with cable TV, comfy furniture and cute kitchens. We also offer budget rooms and dorms.

Cool Amenities ! Wireless is free throughout the building and if you don't have a lap top there are plenty of iMac computers that offer free high speed internet access with a networked printer. There is free breakfast, a basketball area, ping pong, foosball, bicycle rental, coin laundry, cheap car rental and free parking, also a tropical Tiki garden with sunbathing and barbeque area, a billiards lounge with our famous karaoke stage and a huge courtyard for gatherings and socializing that includes free barbeques, dinner parties, DJ's and live music.

There are many activities during the day, check out our Celebrity City Tour which gives you a cool cruise around Hollywood, Bevelry Hills and Bel Aire, you'll be hangin' out in the movie capital of the world in the center of it all. Our tour is much better than all those cheesy, touristy ones that stop at a bunch of hotels and pick up lame tourists to drag them around with lots of stops and delays. Not us. We only service our two hostels and you'll be cruising around in style with our airconditioned vans and safe drivers that are super fun hosts, hanging out with other cool backpackers who are looking for the same things that you are.

Night time activities abound! You will be steps away from endless night clubs, bars, shops, restaurants, theaters and live venues of Hollywood! We also offer a party bus limo van that can take you out in style, you will feel like a movie star and party like a rockstar as you cruise around the Hollywood Hills and beyond. It's only a small subway ride to downtown LA for the art and music scene that is going on. Or join us going out to some of the most famous night time clubs in the world with dancing, DJ's and the red carpet treatment that only our hostel can provide.

We are located right on the Hollywood Strip and you can see the Hollywood sign right from the courtyard. You'll be able to walk around Hollywood or take the subway to the rest of LA. If you have a car you will be centrally located and can access the freeway only one block away. The two main spots for hostels in Los Angeles are Hollywood and Venice Beach. Of the Hollywood hostels we are the best! Especially for the price.

We are a green European style youth hostel and have made many efforts to be ecological and earth friendly. We've planted hundreds of palm trees around the property to give a tropical hawaiian feel and add some foiliage to the cityscape. We've installed low flow toilets. We've painted our entire roof white so that it will keep the building cool and reflect unwanted heat back into space. We've installed low wattage light bulbs throughout the building to conserve electricity. We've installed modern power saving refrigerators and tv's. If you visit us we would love to hear any green ideas that you have to keep our earth the beautiful paradise that it is.

Our history is rich with Hollywood flair, originally built in the 1950’s and called the “Movie Town Motel” we have groovy retro charm with funky design and an interesting crowd of people. More than just a motel with dorms for backpackers we offer weekly discounts and offer a great place to make a home base near Hollywood’s walk of fame, Kodak Theater, the Hollywood Sign and all the action of Hollywood.

The Hollywood Banana Bungalow is connected to the Banana Bungalow West Hollywood . We will shutttle you to our other hostel for all kinds of fun activities and events. Both are funky cool hostels offering everything an international traveler needs at budget prices, discounts and lots of free amenities. fun California atmosphere that offers discount accommodation for international travelers on a budget centrally located in Los Angeles

We create a social evironment for you to experience your travels with other like minded people. Your experience with us will be with great company because we cater to people just like you. Backpackers and travelers from all around the world.

WHAT IS A HOSTEL? A hostel is a unique type of hotel or motel that rents beds, instead of rooms, to backpackers or international travelers. Typically, each room contains a number of beds (4 to 6 is the norm), usually in bunk bed style. Travelers share the room with other travelers from around the world. Nearly all hostels have common rooms and a common kitchen. Common rooms serve as a focal point to meet other travelers and a venue for the cross cultural exchanges of ideas, information and differences and places to meet up before exporing the city. Hostels attempt to provide international travelers with a friendly, comfortable, inexpensive environment in which to live, meet, and base their experiences and local explorations.

The Hostel Handbook and the Bakpak Guide are excellent guides to hostels and budget travel where you can get an extensive list of hostels around the world in addition to news and info on hosteling and budget travel. What are backpackers? Backpackers are people that are traveling to many destinations around the world with everything they need on thier backs. Backpackers travel much longer than the average vacationer so they must make thier travel money last a lot longer. This is where hostels come in with shared accomodation or dorms where you can rent just one bed in a room instead of the whole room and save lots of money and meet lots of other people to share your travel experiences with. The backpacker market is one of the fastest growing sectors of world tourism, but also one of the least understood. In less than a decade, backpackers have grown from small numbers of independent travelers to an international phenomenon affecting all aspects of tourism.

The average Backpacker is a Foreign Independent Traveler (F.I.T.), traveling through multiple countries, staying at hostels, for a period of 2 months to a year or more. Studies have shown that 75% of Backpackers are between 20 and 29, 53% between 20-24, with an average age of 25. Over 50% stay for 6 weeks or more before moving to the next country. With an average of 15 years of school, backpackers are very well educated. Seventy three percent attended college or some post high school education, and an additional 32% have post graduate education . The most common travel motivations for Backpackers are seeking excitement and adventure, meeting local people and fulfilling a lifelong dream. Their trips are often seen as a socially acceptable "sabbatical" from their careers, enabling them to develop temporary lifestyles characterized by spontaneity, flexibility and a lack of responsibility.

We look forward to serving your accomodation needs while in Hollywood, keep in mind we have locations in West Hollywood, San Diego and Maui Hawaii too. Thanks for Choosing the Banana Bungalows !

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